214512 Foundations of Computer Technology
Master of Science in Information Technology


Assoc. Prof. Yuen Pooworawan yuen@nontri.ku.ac.th
Asist.Prof. Surasak Sa-nguanpong nguan@nontri.ku.ac.th
Somchai Numprasertchai snp@nontri.ku.ac.th

Course Description : (for this semester)

Computer Structures and organization. Personal computer hardware architecture, processors, memories and input/output devices. Multimedias Technology. Operating systems and system software tools. Windows95 Architecture. TCP/IP Network Connection. PC Installing and configuration.

Main text books:
1. "Peter Norton's Inside the PC,"7 th Edition," Sams Publishing, 1997.
2. "Teach Yourelf MCSE windows95 in 14 days," Sams Publishing, 1998.

Course Outline and Schedule:
No. Date Topics Instructor
1 Sun. May 31,1998 PC, History and Future Understand PC. Yuen
2 Wed, June 3,1998 Processor and Memory, Interrupt and DMA. Yuen
3 Wed, June 10,1998 Data Storages. Surasak
4 Wed, June 17,1998 Input Devices. Yuen
5 Wed, June 24,1998 Output Devices. Yuen
6 Wed, July 1,1998 BIOS and OS. Yuen
7 Wed, July 15,1998 Connected PC. Surasak
8 Wed, July 22,1998 Windows95 Architecture. Somchai
9 Wed, July 29,1998 Multimedia Technology Yuen
10 Wed, August 5,1998 Mid term Examination. Somchai
11 Thu, August 13,1998 Windows and TCP/IP. Surasak
12 Wed, August 19,1998 File Folders and Disks. Surasak
13 Wed, August 26,1998 Installing and Configuring. Somchai
14 Wed, Sept. 2,1998 Bus Architecture. Surasak
15 Wed, Sept. 3,1998 Exchange Service Optimizing and Debuging. Somchai
16 Wed, Sept. 23,1998 Final Examination.

Attention, Quiz 20%
Assignment 30%
Midterm 20%
Final 30%
Total 100%