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Current Research Grants
 Agency  Thai Government
 Topics  Satellite Internet1
 Budget  100,000 Baht


 Duration  2546-2547

 Agency  Thai Toray Foundation
 Topics  Framework for Large Scale Intrusion Detection
 Budget  200,000 Baht
 Status  Principle researcher
 Duration  2546-2547

 Agency  KURDI
 Topics  Special Research Unit for High Performance Computing2
 Budget  500,000 Baht
 Status  Co-researcher
 Duration  2544-2547

Passed Grants
 Agency  NECTEC
 Topics  National Policy on Domain Name for Thailand and
 National Policy on Security for Thailand
 Budget  200,000 Baht
 Duration  2544-2545

 Agency  CS Communications
 Topics  Development of Cluster Search Engines
 Budget  300,000 Baht
 Duration  2543-2544

 Agency  KURDI
 Topics  (Several Topics on Internet Applications)
 Budget  1,000,000 Baht
 Duration  2536-2543



1 Collaboration with
   AIT internet Research Lab

 2 Collaboration with, HPCNC 


Last Updated : October, 2003