01204325 - Data Communication and Computer Networks
First Semester, 2015
Section 1

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Asst.Prof. Chaiporn Jaikaeo and Asst.Preeda Lertpongwipusana
Office: Building 15, Room 710 (x1445), Room 315 (x1424), and Room 307 (x1410)
Email: chaiporn.j@ku.ac.th, and plw@ku.ac.th

Teaching Assistant

Mr.Parinya Peapanom
Office: Building 15, Room 710 (x1445)
Email: parinya.peapanom@gmail.com

Meeting Time and Location

Course Description

Data communication networks and open system standards; transmission media; data transmission in physical layer; data link controls; technologies of local area networks and wide area networks; communication architecture and protocols.

Main Text Book

Class Materials

Part I: Overview

Part II: Physical Layer and Media

Part III: Data Link Layer


Most tools rely on Python with scientific computing libraries such as NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib. The most convenient way is to download and install Anaconda Python Distribution.

Tool Screenshot Download/Link
Falstad's Fourier Series Applet
Requires: Browser with Java plugin
Sine wave visualization
Requires: Python, Matplotlib
Download sine.py
Euler's formula visualization
Requires: Python, NumPy, Matplotlib
Download euler.py
Python signal processing module
Requires: Python, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib
Download sigproc.zip
(Last updated: Oct 4, 2014)
Sampling Demo
Requires: Python, PyQt4, NumPy, Matplotlib
Download sampling.zip
QAM Module
Requires: Python, NumPy, Matplotlib, sigproc.py (above)
Download qam.zip