[ns3] ns-3.18, ns-3.19 with qoe-monitor and evalvid module

By | October 9, 2013

I have done integrating the qoe-monitor and evalvid module into ns-3.18 and ns-3.19. The codes are hosted on bitbucket.org.

The newer integrated version of qoe-monitor code has been hosted on github.org.

Moreover, I have been added as the maintainer team of evalvid module for ns3 by Billy Pinheiro (haquiticos@gmail.com). Anyone who would like to use evalvid module in ns3, please use the official github.com site: gercom/evalvid-ns3.
The above mention repositories are located as shown below:

– ns3 with qoe-monitor and evalvid: https://bitbucket.org/aphirak/ns-3.18-with-evalvid-and-qoe-monitor

– qoe-monitor module: https://github.com/aphirak/qoe-monitor https://bitbucket.org/aphirak/qoe-monitor-ns3

– evalvid module: https://github.com/gercom/evalvid-ns3 https://bitbucket.org/aphirak/evalvid-ns3

I tried to compile the code with ubuntu 13.04 and gcc 4.7 without successfully. If you would like to compile the above code, please use gcc, g++ version 4.4.

* If this error occurs: /usr/include/libavutil/common.h:173:47: error: ‘UINT64_C’ was not declared in this scope

add the following partial code in /usr/include/libavutil/common.h:

#ifndef UINT64_C
#define UINT64_C(c) (c ## ULL)

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