Computer Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University

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  • 01204591/01204691 (2015) Research Methodology

    1st Semester 2015(June – September)

    Course Information

    Instructor Associate Prof. Anan Phonphoem, Ph.D. (รศ.ดร.อนันต์ ผลเพิ่ม) (
    Aphirak Jansang, D.Eng. (อ.ดร.อภิรักษ์ จันทร์สร้าง) (
    Lecture Friday 6 – 9 PM Building 15, Room 503 [Mobile Development Center]
    Office Building 15, Room 407 (and Room 710: IWING Lab)
    Course Description Research principles and methods in computer engineering, and problem analysis for research topic identification, data collection for research planning, identification of samples and techniques. Analysis, interpretation and discussion, of research result report writing for presentation and publication.
    Text Book Lecture Note
    The Craft of Research,” Wayne C. Booth, Gregory G. Colomb, Joseph M. Williams, The University of Chicago Press, Second Edition, 2003, ISBN 0-226-06568-5
    Syllabus pdf 204591-research-methodology-syllabus-aug-2015
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    Lect# Description Slide (pdf)
    Due Date
    Introduction to RM lect-01-intro-to-rm
    Research topic identification Tools and Techniques (MindMap) lect-02-finding-research-topics Assignment#1: Your research Mindmap


    3 Understanding Publications lect-03-understanding-publication Assignment#2:
    4 Understanding Publications II Assignment#3:
    5 Searching Techniques lect-05-searching-techniques Assignment#4:
    6 Literature Review lect-06-literature-review
    7 Latex I lect-07-2011-latex01
    8 Latex II lect-08-2011-latex02
    9 Writing up research
    10 Research Ethics
    11 Data Representation and Statistics
    12 Presentation I
    13 Presentation II
    14 Presentation III
    15 Presentation IV