Computer Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University

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  • 204426 Network Configurations 3(3-0)

    1st Semester 2009 (June – September)

    Course Information

    Instructor Associate Prof. Anan Phonphoem, Ph.D. (
    Lecture Thursday 10 – 12 AM Building 15, Room 603
    Lab Thursday 1 – 4 PM Building 15, Room 603
    Teaching Assistance 1. Kasom Koht-arsa (
    2. Aphirak Jansang (
    Course Description  This course will mostly concern in the laboratory experiments (Hand-on) on topics covered in Data Communications and computer networks (Part II). The topics are TCP/IP and addressing; Wide Area Network; Routing Protocol; Advanced Router configuration; Virtual LAN configuration; WAN design; Network Troubleshooting.
    Syllabus syllbus-204426-network-configuration-2009 (pdf)
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