01204111 - Computer and Programming

Basic structure of modern computer systems; data representation in computers; algorithmic problem solving; program design and development methodology; introductory programming using a high-level programming language; programming practice in computer laboratory.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion, students are able to:

Every student must have a valid Nontri account to access laboratory sessions in E-lab.

Starting from the 1st semester of 2014, all document, including exam paper and e-lab, are in English.

General Rules

This is a 3-credit course consisting of 2-credit lecture and 1-credit laboratory. The following rules are applied for the enrollment: Any violation of the above rules will receive F grade.

Schedule for lecture examination

Examination Rules

Platform of lecture examination

All exams are closed-book and calculator-forbidden. Every question is multiple-choice style, consisting of 5 choices. Students must fill in their answers in the given answer sheets.

Examination rules


Intruduction to computer and programming Slide
Expressions, variables, and sequential programs Slide
Input/output and mathematical functions Slide
Subroutines and libraries Slide
Boolean expressions and selection statements Slide
Multiple selection statements Slide
Repetition statements Slide
Repetition statements II and one-dimensional arrays Slide
Repetition statements II and one-dimensional arrays (cont.) Slide
Nested repetition statements Slide
Advanced subroutines Slide
Multi-dimensional arrays Slide
Applied problem solving Slide

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