01204111 - Computers and Programming

Basic structure of modern computer systems; data representation in computers; algorithmic problem solving; program design and development methodology; introductory programming using a high-level programming language; programming practice in computer laboratory.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion, students are able to:

Every student must have a valid Nontri account to access laboratory sessions in E-lab.

Required Software:

In case you want to use your own computers for this course, please install Anaconda Python Distribution 4.4.0 for Python 3.6, which is can be downloaded here.

Starting from the 1st semester of 2014, all document, including exam paper and e-lab, are in English.

General Rules

This is a 3-credit course consisting of 2-credit lecture and 1-credit laboratory. The following rules are applied for the enrollment: Any violation of the above rules will receive F grade.

Schedule for lecture examination

Examination Rules

Platform of lecture examination

All exams are closed-book and calculator-forbidden. Every question is multiple-choice style, consisting of 5 choices. Students must fill in their answers in the given answer sheets.

Examination rules

Lecture Slides

Topic Slides
Intruduction to computers and programming pptx | pdf
Expressions, variables, and sequential programs pptx | pdf
Subroutines I pptx | pdf
Subroutines II pptx | pdf
Control structure: selection pptx | pdf
Control structure: multiple selections pptx | pdf
Control structure: repetition I pptx | pdf
Control structure: repetition II pptx | pdf
Control structure: repetition III pptx | pdf
Collection: Lists pptx | pdf
File input and text processing pptx | pdf
Numerical processing and basic data visualization pptx | pdf

Supplementary textbooks

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